Rich Farm Ice Cream opened for business on July 3, 1994 by David and Dawn Rich on what is known as Ajello’s Farm. The dairy farm originated five generations ago by Dave’s great-grandfather, Raffaele Ajello, on Great Hill in Seymour, Connecticut.

In 1950, Ralph’s son Thomas purchased 100 acres in Oxford and moved his farm there and later, in the early 1970's, grandsons Don and Dave Rich took over the dairy business and continue to operate the farm even until this day.  The ice cream shop was opened by Dave and his wife Dawn, along with their children, to enhance their already existing dairy farm. Their incredible success later prompted Dawn's younger brother John to turn the brand nationwide almost overnight. 

Coming from a successful career in sales, marketing, and the motorcycle/bicycle industry, John Barry Jr. decided that he needed to do something new, fresh, and exciting in his life. Although knowing nothing about the ice cream business, John took an enormous risk and quit his sales job to begin studying the processes and economics of the existing Rich Farm business model. He researched day and night the correct equipment he would need to buy and the exact recipes of fan-favorite ice cream flavors, that when he arrived in Connecticut to officially view the Rich Farm processes, he discovered that what he had planned on for his own shop was almost exactly scaled as the shop there. Elated, this helped John realize that he could actually make a franchise 3,000 miles away from the parent Rich Farm a reality. 

Almost 2 years exactly since quitting his job and countless hours of construction, preparation, and anticipation later, Rich Farm Ice Cream based in Placentia, California opened on June 6, 2016.

Opened almost for 2 years now, Rich Farm Ice Cream continues to serve the highest quality ice cream to all customers and John continues his relentless ambition to further improve the brand and most importantly, the ice cream.